February 27, 2018

Source: Bigstock

Another undisputed fact about teen mass-shooters is that location matters to them. They want to attack their school, that specific place. Most teen shooters don’t target random locations (there are exceptions, of course, often involving Muslim teens with jihadi motivations). The typical teen shooter has one specific location in mind, while the average adult mass-shooter (not counting the “disgruntled worker” types) usually seeks his target based on convenience. When morbidly obese Aryan übermensch Buford Furrow, a man with only two dreams in life—to live in a white Christian America and to one day be able to see his own feet again—came down from Tacoma in 1999 to start him a race war, he drove around L.A. looking for a soft target, steering clear of anything with heavy security. In his case, he had no specific location in mind, just a general objective. But with most teen shooters, we know what their target will be: their own school. Knowing the target, we have to deprive them of it, or at least make it as difficult as humanly possible for them to gain access.

I’m not saying “gates ’n’ guns” is the perfect solution; it isn’t. I’m just saying, it was my norm growing up, nobody bitched about it, and it worked for what it was intended to do. Controlled points of entry, and security guys who haven’t based their lives on a Kenny Rogers song.

To hear the pundits speak of school shooters, you’d think we’re up against a bunch of criminal masterminds who can thwart the most complex plans to stop them. Folks, we’re not dealing with James Bond villains here. These are teens, arguably our nation’s most ignorant, incompetent, and easily manipulated demographic.

Seriously, we should not be losing this fight.


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