To the extent that women remain vehicles of gratification, they become under the new arrangement interchangeable agents of pleasure, and so men could just as easily have homosexual partners or sex dolls. Women are free under the new rules to enter lesbian relations. In our evolving unisex society, nontraditional relations may become more desirable than traditional heterosexual ones. They eradicate the pattern of men oppressing women, which feminists describe as being an inherent evil in most conventional marriages.

The underclass is where one is least likely to encounter the feminized men and the unsexed women. Testosterone reigns supreme among underclass men, who freely impregnate women and who compete violently for sexual pleasures and treasures. Although little of the mystery of sexual otherness can be found in this netherworld, it is also untouched by feminist indoctrination. Black and Hispanic males may vote for feminist politicians, but that certainly is not because they agree with the candidates”€™ sissy politics. They are voting for social programs that are earmarked for them. It is hard to conceive of a world more different from the academic hothouse than this underclass society that academics drool over from a distance. The male underclass seems poisoned with testosterone, while male academia lacks it entirely.

Besides being in the tank for Obama, both cultures share an incompatibility with the erotic. In one case it has been drained out of willing subjects through a nasty social experiment; in the other, gender relations lack the civilizational wardrobe that make the erotic possible. This “€œwardrobe”€ survives best in aristocratic societies where there are both ritualized interplay between the genders and a premium placed on female beauty. In this now vanished world, women were usually not political actors, except from behind the scenes.

Another anti-erotic sign of the times is the procession of female political hacks who pollute my TV screen. Regardless of party affiliation, all of these noisemakers are equally defeminized. It is hard to think of any less erotic experience than seeing the gaunt Ann Coulter or the slovenly Rachel Maddow frothing at the mouth over some politician or journalist working for the other party. Those who find these banshees to be “€œsexy”€ suffer from either perverse imaginations or toxic partisanship.



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