November 20, 2015

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I met an American who was at the soccer stadium during the attacks. He heard the suicide bomber detonate himself and took pictures of the scene. There were guts all over the place, but that wasn”€™t even the most disturbing part. What really stunned me was the photo he took of a scrap of a Syrian passport he found 20 yards from the blast. We had been hearing for weeks about how innocent the refugees are and how they”€™re just looking for safe haven and here was proof the Syrians are here to kill us. 

I did meet one person with his head screwed on correctly. Pierre Larti is the spokesman for an organization called Génération Identitaire. They are like a young EDL who are fighting to retain French culture. Not only are they against Islamization and mass immigration, but they hate the Americanization of France. He didn”€™t blame us for the attacks, but he was annoyed by the amount of burger joints in the city, and he’s right. Getting a cheeseburger in Paris has become easier than getting a baguette. Larti was very explicit about who is to blame for the attack: Muslims. He didn”€™t see this as a freak accident but a carefully orchestrated act of war. He was the only Parisian I met who agreed with Hollande. We went out drinking with a bunch of bobos later that night and they treated him like he was David Duke. His agenda has absolutely nothing to do with Judaism or race, but a “€œfasciste”€ in France is anyone who isn”€™t ashamed to be French. You can”€™t even fly the flag in France. I met a homosexual who lamented this fact because he wanted to hang the flag from his window but “€œit sends the wrong message,”€ as he put it. This is a common sentiment in Europe. I saw some soccer fans waving flags at an England vs. France match, but the broadcaster quickly switched to a “€œnon au racisme”€ PSA.

I asked Larti what would have happened if any of these victims were armed. What if Matthieu Giroud, the 39-year-old father with a pregnant wife, had a gun on him? This scenario had never occurred to Larti. It didn”€™t occur to anyone I spoke to, both left and right. Liberals have so thoroughly scrubbed the gun debate from any discussion that it’s no longer controversial. It doesn”€™t even exist. I fear the same is happening to France. When free speech thrives, tyranny is powerless. If the French could proudly fly their flags and admit that the term “€œradical Islam”€ includes the word “€œIslam,”€ their culture could be saved. I love Paris, but we”€™ve got too much love going on in that place. It’s time for La Haine.


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