July 05, 2013

Source: Shutterstock

Egypt is now Somalia, as are Libya, Iraq, Yemen and, of course, Syria. This is all due to our lack of doubt that we are right in backing “freedom” fighters. I was among those rooting for the scum that has replaced Gaddafi. (Mind you, I know about women and sports, but geopolitics is not my bag.) Defense of national identity is equated with racism, all thanks to those nice crooks of Brussels. Can you imagine that we Europeans who have given everything that’s worth having in this world have to take orders from a clown such as José Manuel Barroso, that Portuguese fat slob and head of the European Gestapo—sorry, “Commission” (whatever that means)? Oh, I almost forgot, Turkey is also doing well—Erdoğan could teach Assad a thing or two about repression—as is Brazil, the country of the future, forever. Thirteen billion big ones are being poured into football stadiums to host the World Cup next year, and an additional twelve billion smackers for the Olympics in 2016.

In the meantime the mayor of Rio has bragged that not one penny is being spent on public transport. The Cariocas can walk or samba to wherever they’re going. Bands to help them along are cheap, sometimes even free of charge. The Brazilian government is the most hated institution in the country. Its crimes include money laundering, bribery, drug trafficking, kidnapping, and homicide. But the fat crook in Qatar tells us that Assad is the worst man on the planet, and he and his great country that has given the world mathematics, philosophy, tragedy, science, medicine, and the art of war and also football—according to that other fat crook, Sepp Blatter—should be listened to with great respect.

Yet again, the profusion of colors and scents in this beautiful summer morning makes one feel good about themselves and the world in general. It’s great to be alive, still, as long as you’re on your boat or in the Alps. Everywhere else sucks.



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