Perhaps worst of all is how Barr was immediately attacked by some of her costars, the very people she carried for so many years on the show that bears her name. Gone are the days of Chick Hearn’s colleagues saying, “Hey, we know this guy. He’s not racist. Accept his apology and move on.” Nope, Roseanne’s fair-weather leeches coldly offered no support, no forgiveness for their disgraced meal ticket. These days, the rats not only desert the sinking ship, they poke a few more holes in the hull on their way out.

Roseanne has been thoroughly destroyed, and her show’s cast and crew of 300 people, many of whom had passed up other job opportunities once the smash-hit reboot got picked up for another season by ABC, are out of work, all because of one Planet of the Apes reference directed at a woman who isn’t exactly Alfre Woodard when it comes to being immediately identifiable as black. Of course, there’s a political element at play here—Roseanne’s pro-Trump views harmed her just as walking circus fire Shia LaBeouf’s anti-Trump views have allowed him to keep working, even though he’s said far worse things about black people than Roseanne did.

ABC and Hulu have gone so far as to pull all of the previous Roseanne episodes from rerun rotation, thus robbing the entire cast of years of residuals. As I pointed out last December, the “Resistance” wants to hurt not only pro-Trumpers, but those who know and work with them. Rule No. 1 of being a partisan is that the general population must be taught that cooperation with the enemy brings dire consequences.

So if the repercussions of Roseanne’s tweet seem out of proportion to the crime, they’re supposed to.

One prime factor behind this entire ridiculous episode is that many of us have lost sight of the simple truth that there’s a difference between making a genuinely hateful statement that demonstrates hostility toward a particular group and just blurting out something in the heat of an argument. Look, I despise Alec Baldwin. I detest his politics, I detest him as a man. But back in 2013, when he called a paparazzo stalker a “faggot,” that absolutely did not make him “antigay.” In fact, Baldwin’s a true-blue gay-rights advocate. But on that particular afternoon, a paparazzo was harassing him, and a frustrated Baldwin uttered a slur that was intended to hurt that guy, not gay people as a group. An insult is not an ideology.

A lot has changed since Chick Hearn likened a basketball player to a monkey and Jeff Ross called Shaq a gorilla. Or even since Alec Baldwin fagged a photog. These days, if you’re on the “wrong” political end of the spectrum, there can be no forgiveness, and no recognition that there’s a difference between harboring actual hateful views and hitting low during a game of dozens.

Just as Google Photos is being reprogrammed to forget apes, so is the American public being bullied into forgetting all common sense regarding issues of race. But with AI, stupid decisions by programmers can be corrected easily at a later date. Humans, on the other hand, tend to hold on to their “reprogramming,” and pass it along to future generations.

Which is, of course, the ultimate goal of the left in the first place.

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