February 11, 2017

Source: Bigstock

Now the Watergate “scandal” is reported as Nixon’s duplicitous handling of the war. But the war was Johnson’s war, not Nixon’s, and its linguistic “newspeak” was the media’s. Unlike Richard Nixon, who could defend himself only through a few honest journalists like Bob Tyrrell and Robert Novak, Trump has a nuclear option in his hands called Twitter. The Donald is not afraid to label CNN as fake news, nor to call other major news reporters liars. He can dish it out where President Nixon could not. The game has changed through technology, and the old hag, The New York Times, cannot compete. It can only spew out rage and lies in her commentary section.

How does The New York Times lie? That’s an easy one. In its selectivity of what appears in its pages. Fake news is selective news, and no one does it better than the American newspapers and media. One person’s fake news is another’s opinion or interpretation of the same facts. The game has changed, and the American liberal establishment cannot swallow it without choking. New York Times partisans, between sobs and weeping uncontrollably, are blaming alternative facts and other Trumpian inventions. Losers have never been good sports among the media, but where Trump is concerned they’ve really blown their cool. The columnists are shrill and pathetic, the editorials salacious and parroting, the reporting tendentious and at times outright false. The Donald has driven the Times nuts.


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