But now he seems to think he can win the midterms by hewing to the loser wing of the Republican Party. We’ve got to save the GOP “brand”! What does Marc Short say? RUN ON TAX CUTS!

Yeah, that’ll do it.

There’s still time to hold the Democrats to a blue eddy this fall. All it takes is Trump keeping his promises on immigration and not starting a war. (Who could have guessed it would be so difficult for a president not to start a war?)

Every journey begins with a small step, and this one begins with Trump firing everyone in the White House. They’re the ones who have encouraged him to ignore his promises for so long.

Even the “3-D chess” lunatics don’t say, It’s great that Trump is screwing over his voters, like Republicans always do! What they say is: Through some innate sixth sense, a higher vision, a third eye, Trump has an immensely complicated plan that you can’t understand to make things come out exactly the opposite of the way they are currently headed.

Maybe. But if Trump doesn’t do something major on his central campaign promise—not repainting border fences and telling us it’s the wall—see you on Nov. 7.

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