May 01, 2010

Princess TNT aka Gloria Thurn und Taxis is celebrating her birthday this weekend in Paris with a half dozen parties organized by her children. The Princess will likely be spotted on the Seine boat hopping, and partying like only she knows how. Whether or not her on off Italian lover Alexandra Borghese will be there is anybody’s guess, though we doubt her friends from Vatican City will make the trip. Gloria has been known to appear on German television heavily promoting Catholicism despite what she does behind closed doors.

This is a shame. Halle Berry and her model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry have split after five years together. The gorgeous couple is trying to work out a custody arrangement for their adorable daughter Nahla. Rumor has it that Halle’s nine years younger boy toy was getting bothered by their age difference. To which we say models are a dime a dozen, but Halle’s one in a million.

Our dear Lindsay Lohan is headed for a very bad May. Apparently she’s been skipping out on alcohol ed courses required by her probation, and the judge already wasn’t happy with her for her little DUI mishap. He undoubtedly will not look too favorably on the last chance he gave her, and Lindsay’s likely headed to jail. She was also dropped from the last film she was hired for being uninsurable. Since she’s not following the judge’s orders or working, what is Lindsay doing? Oh yes, starring in photo shoots splattered in blood and holding a gun. Charming.

Talk about desperation. J.Lo’s ex Ojani Noa is trying to cash in on their years ago romance. The former model owes Jenny $500,000 and is pitching a pathetic reality show about him working menial jobs to pay her off. Are you listening Gabriel? This could be your future.

It seems like everyone is emulating Heidi Montague these days. Not only has Kate Hudson bulked up her breasts but Mercedes Bass, the wife of Texas billionaire Sid, was spotted at the opera recently looking rather top heavy. I suppose even a used Mercedes needs a little bodywork once in a while.

Even thought Tinsley and her High Society group are off the air, everyone’s talking about what’s next for the well-heeled set. British socialite Lady Victoria Hervey (those close to her know her as Lady V) may move to the City of Lights to star in season two. She’s already tried her hand at a number of shows in Britain, maybe California will be happier to embrace this wild child. Also rumored to drop by next year is Courteney Semel, the former lover of Casey Johnson. Both would certainly up the drama. Tinsley who?

The usually dry museum world is getting some intrigue this week. Janna Bullock has been a glamorous staple at art exhibitions since joining the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation in New York. But now the Russian-born blond has jumped ship and taken leave because of a vicious gossip campaign in her home country. The real estate mini-mogul has been accused of corruption, which she denies. Since when did the art world start taking cues from the political one?

My my, the Gettys certainly aren’t getting on. The feisty divorce battle between Jacqueline and Peter Getty, grandson of oil magnate J. Paul Getty, is still raging. The couple split two years ago and then Jacqui asked for $314,727 a month from her rich ex. Now her divorce papers say he had a “bad, violent temper” among other nasty allegations, which will certainly help her in her fight against the entire petty Getty clan.

Watch out, big city bachelors. Swedish beauty Princess Madeleine has fled to New York after finding out her fiance, lawyer Jonas Bergstrom, had a one-night stand. The fling that ruined their royal engagement took place at, where else, a Swedish ski resort with a 21-year-old ski bunny. Jonas and Madeleine have known each other for years, hopefully she’ll rebound with a less sneaky gent.

And congratulations are in order for Prince Harry. The young man has stayed out of trouble lately and just passed his Army helicopter pilot’s course. He’s 25 and already wants to return to Afghanistan after graduating.

Surprise, surprise! The biggest news this week was Sandra Bullock‘s announcement of her new baby Louis. The star blindsided the paparazzi and media world with her “secret” child from New Orleans, she’s been trying to adopt for four years. She also said she’s filed for divorce from that cheater Jesse James. Kudos Sandy, on remaining secretive and pulling the wool over our eyes. In a few months, that vile ex of yours will be nothing but a faint memory.


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