February 09, 2016

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There’s more:

…the witness”€”[a different woman]”€”whose name is protected by a publication ban, had sent Ghomeshi an email that included a bikini shot of herself. The email was sent in June 2004, about a year and a half after the witness alleges she was punched in the head by Ghomeshi at his Riverdale home. The witness testified she sent the pic to “€œbait”€ him in hopes of getting him to talk about the alleged assault.

My favorite:

A year after allegedly choking Lucy DeCoutere and slapping her in the face, Jian Ghomeshi stole her mic during a karaoke performance [at an industry confab] to sing Britney Spears”€™ “€œHit Me Baby One More Time.”€

Note that DeCoutere”€”who along with being an actress is also a captain in the Canadian armed forces”€”did not, say, plonk Ghomeshi over the head with the mic or even toddle off in a tearful huff. Oh, and this incident occurred months after that time he allegedly slapped her around at his place, when:

Afterward, she said they sat on Ghomeshi’s couch and he played guitar; they kissed goodnight.

DeCoutere said she was “€œbewildered”€ by the encounter but didn”€™t want to leave so as not to anger Ghomeshi or seem rude.

She said the attack was not sexual in nature.

Except: The man is charged with sexual assault. And the “€œassault”€ part I get, and believe (as of this writing, at least).

But even by the non-vanilla definitions of “€œsexual”€ as codified by the slaphappy BDSM “€œcommunity,”€ these encounters feel about as “€œsexual”€ as a freak fistfight on the set of The Lawrence Welk Show.

I guess I don”€™t understand young women today. Sure, I was one of those neurotic, boozy, desperate, artsy twentysomethings once, but for one thing, I”€™ve never attracted the Ghomeshis of this world anyhow.

Which means that, even at my screwed-up worst, my addled brain never felt obliged to cook up anything like this, which is my second-favorite bit of testimony so far:

I wanted Jian to call me so I could ask him why did he violently punch me in the head.


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