If We Lose

November 03, 2016

Source: Bigstock

In the late “€™80s, there was a violent punk gang called BunchofFuckingGoofs. They lived in a big house in Toronto with various dogs and piles of old motorbikes. One day, they decided they”€™d had enough of Nazi skinheads (created by the government, by the way) terrorizing punk shows. So they beat up every Nazi in Toronto, then took a bus to Ottawa and Montreal where they did the same. It took no time at all and we”€™ve never seen a skinhead since. This was almost thirty years ago.

I”€™m not recommending violence, but I won”€™t hit the fainting couch if it happens. They”€™ve been sucker punching us and anonymously sabotaging our lives for too long. It’s time to start punching down and hitting the crybullies where it hurts”€”in the face.


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