One explanation for the latter phenomenon”€”the sudden surge in female winners”€”comes from 2003 College Tournament champion turned daily Jeopardy! vlogger/wager analyst Keith Williams:

In the past, they were a lot more focused on what we call “€œhard knowledge”€ and historical facts, dates, who wrote what book, and so on. Now you”€™ll see entire categories devoted to Taylor Swift or celebrity reality shows. I wouldn”€™t say that women are necessarily better in those categories, but that is a consideration.

Then there’s that betting thing. Trebek earned his reputation as a misogynist in part by observing that female contestants think of those dollar amounts on the blue screens just below their waists as “€œreal”€ cash, and are therefore hesitant to risk it. Men, however, rightly view those digits as virtual “€œhouse money.”€ That cash isn”€™t real until they win it, and they stand a better chance of doing so by placing a big, bold bet.

Hey, I”€™m just glad well-off, white American women have discovered something new to bitch about. #FreeOurGirls was getting boring. Thank God Elliot Rodger came along, so they could invent a new hashtag, #YesAllWomen.

(I”€™m one of those “€œall women”€ and still don”€™t really understand what this one is in aid of”€”something to do with being wolf-whistled at by construction workers. Which, as I”€™ve written before, has never happened to me, alas. The closest I ever came was a couple of years ago, when a workman repairing a Toronto sidewalk yelled, “€œI love your T-shirt!”€, which read “€œIT’s NOT RACIST IF IT’s TRUE.”€)

Someone who picked up on the #YesAllWomen meme? Notorious Jeopardy! contestant Arthur Chu, who gained notoriety during his brief but eventful run as “€œthat angry nerd.”€

Following Elliot Rodger’s killing spree, Chu composed a widely-read essay confessing the multitude of woman-hating “€œsins”€ committed regularly within his (and, supposedly, Rodger’s) male nerd “€œculture.”€ (Mea culpa, meus Maximus Prime?)

Meanwhile, two Indian teenagers were gang-raped and murdered when they were out looking for a place to take a crap. It’s a situation that plays out all over the world every day, but it’s easier and more fun to complain about the tribulations of women on Jeopardy! rather than in it.


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