June 28, 2013

John McCain

John McCain

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Hundreds of thousands and probably more will become the mourners at the hands of the “honor student” drunk-driving Mexican, the “hard-working” child molester, and the “naturally gifted” serial killer. Then there are the children of soon-to-be perpetually unemployed carpenters, the “privileged” mid-level accountant of the wrong color, and the grandsons and granddaughters of the Revolution now waiting hours on end in hospitals their mothers and fathers erected.

History’s great betrayer is Judas Iscariot, who betrayed the greatest man in history. McCain betrayed the greatest nation in history. Judas marked his target with a kiss. McCain forever kisses Mexicans”€™ posteriors.

McCain will have to settle for second place as Judas Iscariot’s malevolent handmaiden. While one killed mankind’s hope for salvation the other is in the process of killing mankind’s hope for the future. Where else will civilization be reborn? Europe, which has nearly succeeded in silencing civilization? The Middle East, where it has never been birthed? An Asia that views people as disposable? Africa, scene of every depredation known to man?

America is the last best chance for humanity as any we would recognize. This moment it is on the razor’s edge deciding whether it shall cease to exist, and John McCain is doing everything in his considerable power to use that razor to cut its throat.

Jean Raspail warned us of this world’s McCains, as did Dante and even The Bible itself. They have always been with us, though seldom have their actions led to such epoch-ending resolutions.

By this reason alone McCain ranks as one of the most treasonous men of all time, for he betrays not only his fellow man but the evolutionary progress of all humanity.


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