At his own wedding, Kanye said his pulchritudinous bride was “€œmore beautiful than I am talented,”€ which guests thought was just “€œthe cutest.”€ Americans laugh at this asshole in polite company, but in public they”€™d much rather kiss his black ass (which he insists he doesn”€™t enjoy). No failure is too great to prevent praise for this Afro-American tumor. Back when my kids went to public school, their school library featured a large-type book all about his life (academia has become consumed with progressive biographies of minorities). The book is about a guy who describes himself as a “€œproud non-reader of books”€ and includes a chapter called “€œThe Dropout.”€ Instead of mockery our children are taught to study him. He’s a perfect example of how untouchable black Americans have become.

After he sabotaged Taylor Swift’s Video Music Awards win she quickly forgave him and later presented him with the “€œVideo Vanguard“€ award, whatever the hell that is. He was so thankful he later rapped he “€œmight have sex with her”€ because he “€œmade that bitch famous.”€

Kanye’s retardation personifies how cucked we are as a culture. One of the best examples of this is a recent SNL sketch where beta comedian Kyle Mooney says that after a lifetime of practicing rap he’s going to challenge Kanye to a freestyle battle. Mooney purposely throws the match by making a terrible rhyme about Kanye’s breath. West then responds by rhyming the word “€œKanye”€ with itself about a dozen times. Mooney stares at the ground with all the shame 400 years of oppression brings. It’s fucking pathetic. Mooney sums up what we”€™ve become as a culture. We are so cloaked in guilt we can”€™t see the fool lampooning our fear. I don”€™t get it. Kanye West is a fucking retard, and as a true egalitarian I enjoy making fun of him. If you were truly nonracist, you would too.


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