April 28, 2011

William Wales and Kate Middleton

William Wales and Kate Middleton

Approximately 34% of your life, or 26 years, is spent sleeping.

With the other 66% you will spend (approximately):

19 years of your life working and many of those at a job you hate.
8 years of your life shopping if you are a woman.
7 years of your life (mostly wasting it) in front of the television.
6 years of your life just eating.
5 years of your life waiting in lines or in traffic.
4 years of your life will be spent doing housework of one sort or another.
2 years of your life will be spent choosing something to wear and putting it on.
1 year of your life-span will literally pass while you are on the toilet.

You will spend but 2 weeks of your life kissing someone, and less than that the someone that you actually love.

At best, perhaps you will spend 7 uninterrupted days of your life making love to another person.

The point is this “€“ Your life is mostly made up of years upon years waiting for what amount to a handful of memorable moments.

Whenever I listen to someone denigrate New Year’s Eve, Births, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, or singular events such as the Royal Wedding I am quite tempted to rejoin, “€œAnd what pray tell are you saving your life for?”€

I am the last to argue that some of these things are not “€œmanufactured moments”€ or events that have been hyped to some degree.

Yet these are the moments we have, and those who casually miss them with smug superiority in hand I think do not quite realize what they do.

Today there is a magnificent, beautiful, raucous party being held in London.

Such is the stuff of life.

I pity those who intentionally chose to miss out on it.


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