February 27, 2016

James Woods

James Woods

Source: Bigstock

Ah, bliss! At least if things go as I want them to. Abe List’s lawyer argues that the tweet calling Jimmy Woods an addict was hyperbole and not a statement. Oh, I see. Well, Taki murdering babies in their cribs and drinking their blood is hyperbole, but calling any grown man—especially a Hollywood star—an addict has to be a statement. And there’s something more: Abe List insults Woods with venom rarely seen even on the ghastly Internet. “Scum,” “clown boy,” and other names I will not use on these pages are thrown around by someone I suspect doesn’t like Jimmy’s politics. Woods is a middle-of-the-road type, a Republican most likely, a persuasion still permitted in the U.S. of A.

But not where the intolerant left is concerned. Woods said something in defense of the police, and that triggered the avalanche of abuse and false accusations. Par for the course. Something must be done, needless to say, about the abuse and lies that can ruin a man’s life and career by the scum who use the Internet to satisfy their frustrations and complexes. I was planning to write about a famous fight between a billionaire and millionaire that supposedly took place in Gstaad last week, but after digging a bit, nothing much had taken place. It was all hearsay. Stick Abe List in jail unless he pays, and throw away the key. Viva Jimmy Woods.


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