I”€™m sure you get the unintentional humor of her calling me “€œentitled”€ and “€œprivileged”€ while simultaneously declaring that she’s “€œway above me.”€ Damn Injun privilege! But in truth I found her stridency engaging. She’s a good spokesperson for the rising Latina/Hispanic/Chicana/Indigenous/Indian bullying class. And from now on I”€™m using “€œwombyn”€ every chance I get.

And although I wish I”€™d gotten a response from anti-“€œguac”€ activist Dani Marrero, I did find something of great value on her blog. This person who makes it her mission in life to tell others what to think and say wrote a poem expressing anger at people who try to tell her what to think and say:

Gasoline or Fire from My Mouth

I am tired of trying to be beautiful.”€¨
Tired of rethinking and rephrasing my words”€¨
To please stubborn minds and shallow hearts.”€¨
I can”€™t remember the last time I spoke without fear to be disliked.”€¨
If I”€™ve spent my life censoring my feelings,”€¨
Does anyone really know me?
“€¨If I spend the rest of my life this way”€¨
Changing strong words to avoid seeming radical”€¨
Toning down my sex to avoid seeming radical”€¨
Would I have ever really existed or lived?

It’s natural to wonder about the contradiction, how someone who lectures people about “€œrethinking and rephrasing”€ their words can complain so self-righteously when it’s done to her. Sure, it’s standard-issue leftist hypocrisy, but I think we can also find some guidance from April Negrette’s scolding. These people see themselves as being “€œway above us.”€ If we attempt to question them, it’s an affront to our betters. But when they harangue us, it’s wisdom from on high.

Still and all, Marrero’s poem is insightful, even if in a way she never intended. And if I can glean one thing from her op-ed and site, it’s that she loves it when “€œwhite folks”€ co-opt the product of “€œbrown folks.”€ So I hereby co-opt that verse, to be used as my own personal ode against political correctness and the thought police.

I”€™m sure Ms. Marrero will be honored by the gesture.


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