July 23, 2015

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I could devote another entire piece to the new big leftist legal fiction”€”that gender is nothing more than how one chooses to “€œidentify.”€ No biology involved at all, just desire, just pure old-fashioned wishing-well magic. This is, of course, another 100 percent antiscience construct. And it’s another way in which smug atheist leftists are proving that they can take to faith-based antiscience twaddle as easily as any “€œyoung Earth”€ creationist.

Last week, on what might as well have been called “€œCaitlyn Jenner Day”€ (also known as “€œthe day hipster millennials learned there’s a channel called ESPN”€), I posted this sentence in threads on a couple of trans-positive Facebook pages:

The fact is that women are different from men. The science backs this up. It’s taboo in some circles to suggest that we”€™re genetically different from each other, and yet we are. Sex is a biological construct. There are sex differences between men and women, and how those differences manifest and what happens, from a genetic level to how the body operates, is different.

In each case, I was attacked for being an ignorant, trans-hating bully, and my comments were removed. But that quote I posted…where’s it from? The first two sentences are from Phyllis Greenberger, president and CEO of the Society for Women’s Health Research (science!), writing in the Huffington Post. The rest is from Tamarra James-Todd, an epidemiologist at Harvard Medical School (science!), from an interview in The Guardian. Both women were writing about the dangers to women’s health posed by not including female test subjects in medical research.

Science fact is now hate speech, thanks to an irrational leftist legal fiction that denies biological reality. Most smug atheist leftists will undoubtedly deal with the cognitive dissonance by ignoring it. It’s amazing the extent to which the human mind can compartmentalize. “€œWe”€™re better than those ignorant right-wingers because we believe in science, man! Oh, and fetuses are either living beings or nonliving tumors based entirely on the dreams of the mother, gender has no basis in biology, and wishing real hard can turn a dude into a woman.”€

Best of luck in dealing with those contradictions, my little Bill Mahers. Vaya con ciencia.


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