July 07, 2013

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Says the Fat Cat, at last”€”having repeatedly been asked, “€œWhat are you going to do? There’s just enough time to move!”€

“€œYou have to move now! We”€™re almost on top of them!”€

Whereupon the Fat Cat, while all his guests are losing their head, the Fat Cat is calmer than ever. He doesn”€™t deviate from his course. He in no way discomforts himself, say, to view the crash that is about to take place. No…

And a hush descends. As his guests comprehend the fact that their host will do nothing to save the dinghy which, it must be said, had plenty of time to observe the yacht’s approach; and which, in any case, shouldn”€™t have drifted so far into the harbor traffic…

Says the Fat Cat, when confronted with the choice”€”to stay on course or to deviate, only to lose the game and risk other, more significant collisions”€”says the Fat Cat, as he turns to me, the only available ear…and speaks the immortal words.

When I too ask, “€œWhat about the dinghy?”€ the Fat Cat says three simple words. Words by which I have tried to live, and remain true to, through my entire life, especially when all around are running for the emergency exits.

When the perplexed child asks, “€œWhat about the dingy?”€ the Fat Cat says:

“€œFuck the dinghy.”€

The Fat Cat didn”€™t even glance at the vessel as it disappeared in our shadow.

Three eloquent and masterful words. Three words which, to me, constitute the philosopher’s stone. To translate which, just in case you don”€™t feel me, might be to say:

“€œIf you can”€”do!”€

It’s not a bad motto. Is it?

Now I must run. Remind me to tell you the stuff about Mickey in the trailer next time, because I got sidetracked here by the whole blarney about who has the “€œright of way.”€

Right of way…? “€œFuck the dinghy!”€

έλᔀ”as they say in Greece. Give me a break!





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