Michael Moore

While trying to recapture some relevance during Occupy Wall Street, Moore denied being “worth millions,” but his claim beggars belief, especially since a few years earlier he’d crowed (sounding eerily like Bugs Bunny or some other Looney Tunes character):

I’m a millionaire, I’m a multi-millionaire. I’m filthy rich. You know why I’m a multi-millionaire? ‘Cause multi-millions like what I do. That’s pretty good, isn’t it? There’s millions that believe in what I do. Pretty cool, huh?

Almost every news report about Moore’s divorce from his wife of twenty-one years quoted a claim at CelebrityNetWorth.com that the filmmaker’s assets total an estimated $50 million. Reluctant to take such a flaky-sounding website seriously, I turned to an article about Moore at Forbes instead”€”which cited CelebrityNetWorth.

Back in the Bush era, Michael Moore’s millions mostly fascinated the cottage industry of critics who once swarmed all over him but have since gone the way of the Beanie Baby. Jason Clarke’s MooreExposed.com hasn’t been updated in years. Jim Stark’s MooreWatch.com redirects to a shaky-looking software download page.

But this divorce has rekindled conservative fascination with the corpulent corporate communist. Since Moore was the one who filed”€”and I’m a bitch”€”I wonder if he is trading in the missus for a younger model. Nothing beats that new car smell!

And Kathleen Glynn isn’t just Moore’s soon-to-be ex-wife. She’s his longtime co-producer and business partner, too. I’m eager to see if he treats Glynn any better than he has some of his (non-union) employees.

Who knows? Glynn might make a documentary exposé of her own or write a revealing memoir.

Maybe they’d be the final nails in the piano-case coffin of Michael Moore’s career as the fattest, loudest zombie in movie history.



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