Living in the Age of Jim Snow

A basic rule of strategy, one of the first things you are taught when learning strategy, is that you must conceal your plans from the opponent. If you are deposing a witness, for example, you do not tell opposing counsel how you hope to trick the witness into saying something that helps your case. An essential part of your strategy is to conceal from the other side how you hope to win the case.

One obvious reason for this is to prevent the other side from coming up with a strategy to counter your strategy. In sports, coaches spend a lot of time trying to trick the other coaches into thinking they know what is coming. Deception is a big part of sports, even one-on-one combat sports. Boxers use deception to lure the opponent into a position the opponent thinks is advantageous, but is actually a trap.

The overly quoted Sun Tzu said that “All warfare is based on deception.” The equally over-quoted Clausewitz said that “War is the continuation of politics by other means,” so taken together we can conclude that politics is about deception. This is especially true in liberal democratic politics where the game is to trick the majority into handing over their privileges to a minority, who never have their best interests in mind.

“There are rules and standards for the white population, who are treated like a hated minority despite being the majority.”

This is what makes the sudden lack of deception in the war on white people a strange and possibly dangerous development. The war on whiteness, as the beautiful people like to put it, is supposed to be about the bad whites. These are the people who use taboo language and maintain anachronistic opinions about the human condition. They are the problem, not everyday white people.

This is not true, of course, but it has been an important part of the program, as it allows most whites to think they are the good guys, even as their neighbors are being picked off one by one. There is usually some way to justify the bad fortune of a white person hurled into the void for heresy. “It is a shame Bob got fired, but he really should not have used the N-word in third grade.”

Recently, we have seen a sudden break from this deception and a tacit admission that we now live in the age of Jim Snow. There are rules and standards for the white population, who are treated like a hated minority despite being the majority. Then we have a set of rules for the nonwhite population, who are often treated as sacred objects by the ruling class. Whites are sinners in the hands of angry nonwhite gods.

An easy example is the Derek Chauvin case. He is the white cop sent away for decades for the crime of arresting a black guy who went berserk in public. Chauvin’s crime is that he is white and a black guy overdosed in his custody just when the people in charge wanted to hang a white guy. Everything about the case was a morality play put on by the ruling class to libel white Americans.

To show that this was not some weird accident of fate, note that the Minnesota court has now denied Chauvin the right to an attorney in his appeal. Also note that the same court overturned the conviction of Mohamed Noor, the former Minneapolis police officer who executed a white woman. He opened fire on her from his squad car but was only charged with manslaughter.

The Jim Snow standard is not unique to Minnesota. In Oregon, a white man is facing life in prison for shooting and killing a black man who assaulted his girlfriend and assaulted him outside a nightclub. Normally, the charge would be manslaughter, if there was a charge, but the prosecutor insisted on murder charges because of the “dark history of black men being lynched for hitting on white women.”

Another example of how Jim Snow works is the hate hoaxes. A staple of this age is a nonwhite ham-handedly staging a hate crime. These often involve backward swastikas or comically fashioned nooses. The latest is a black woman in Atlanta pretending to be a white man, while sending threatening letters to other blacks. This story is so common, it is what used to be called a “standing head” in the newspaper business.

A long-standing principle in Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence used to be that false accusations were treated as harshly as the crime itself. That never applies in these cases, as the perpetrator is usually given a pass. In this case, the woman is facing some minor charges that will be dropped in a plea deal. If it had been a white man, he would be facing life in prison without possibility of parole.

As if they feel the need to drive home the point, the Justice Department has now declared white parents are domestic terrorists. The reason is they are white, and they do not want their children to be taught Critical Race Theory. This is the latest antiwhite pogrom to train white people to hate themselves, their ancestors, and, in the case of schoolkids, their own parents. By international standards, this qualifies as cultural genocide, but it is okay because the target is white people.

It used to be that whenever someone noticed the war on white people, Conservative Inc. would swing into action labeling those people as racist. Maybe they would have one of their South Asian houseboys dig through the garbage of the accused, looking for proof of his apostasy. Even they are finding it impossible to explain away what has become overt and official. America is a Jim Snow country.

There are two possible reasons why the mask has dropped. One is incompetence, which is always a good choice when discussing the modern ruling class. The people who thought wrapping your underwear around your head was a good way to prevent Covid are not master strategists. It is entirely possible that they are too dumb to know you are not supposed to say the quiet part out loud with regards to the Jim Snow laws.

On the other hand, they could have reached the point where they no longer feel the need to hide their loathing of white America. The theme that runs through official dogma is that the Cloud People now identify themselves by their hatred of white people and the culture they created. The unhinged hatred of Trump, for example, was really just a hatred of white people. Being anti-Trump was about being antiwhite.

Pat Buchanan famously said that America was the first country to have a ruling class that hated the people over whom it ruled. It turns out that they only hate some of the people, the white majority. The question that naturally follows is can such a country last when the ruling elite despises the majority with such passion? More important, can such a country last when the majority begins to hate their rulers back?


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