October 06, 2016

Another conservative pundit on Daily Stormer’s radar is Steven Crowder. They started a meme recently where they label Crowder all kinds of Nazi hoping to permanently Google scar him with anti-Semitic imagery. Even David Duke has jumped into the fray, telling him, “€œIt’s always an honor when one of our own finally awakens to the final, yet unspeakable, truth, thank you Steven.”€ I spoke to Crowder about this and he had the same attitude Milo had. They both recognize that this will pass and shrug it off as random internet trolling. They started by calling him a “€œkyke”€ and when that didn”€™t work, they switched to “€œgas the kykes.”€ Steven is convinced the alt-right is helping Hillary win by making Trump look bad. When I asked Spencer about a few comments he personally had made antagonizing Crowder he laughed it off and said he was just trolling. He said his beef with Steven is that “€œmost of the stuff he says is just off-the-shelf conservatism that isn”€™t remotely dangerous or new.”€ Again, we aren”€™t talking about shutting down talks or fighting anyone.

Which brings us to Ben Shapiro. The alt-right’s attack on Ben really got wings when he took the side of Michelle Fields during the arm-grabbing controversy. I had him on my show and we argued about it. Ben said, “€œSo you agree he touched her, you”€™re just disagreeing with how hard he did it?”€ Which was true. We agreed to disagree and the conversation ended because he’s smart and the vast majority of what he says makes perfect sense. The alt-right is totally unforgiving, however, and since the Fields controversy they”€™ve suggested he be put in a “€œgas chamber“€ (yes, Tila Tequila said that and yes, she’s considered to be part of the alt-right). Now, it’s worth noting that Milo himself has joined the Shapiro pile-on. He joked that Ben’s baby was black and “€œalready taller than [Ben] is.”€ I see this as your usual gay cattiness (for this article he wanted to make sure I made it clear that he is much more famous than Ben and Steven), but Shapiro doesn”€™t see why one is meant to sit there trying to differentiate between attacks and jokes. “€œ[Yiannopoulos”€™] argument seems to be that an alt-right person tweeting a gas chamber at me in a way that’s indistinguishable from David Duke tweeting a gas chamber at me, or an alt-right person calling me a cuck Jewish supremacist, versus David Duke doing the same thing”€ he told New York mag, “€œit’s my responsibility to attempt to distinguish between the two and read into their mind a distinction that simply doesn”€™t exist in objective reality.”€ So Crowder and Shapiro were separated from Milo and now it appears the alt-right is separating from Milo. These are four formidable forces that could be unstoppable together and it is certainly in both the government’s and the left’s interest to keep them separate.

There is room on the right for Fox News, Rebel Media, TheBlaze, Newsmax, Compound Media, VDARE, Daily Caller, Hot Air, Mediaite, Infowars, Breitbart, PJ Media, National Review, Drudge, Reason, and everyone here. We all hate big government and we all believe in the meritocracy of hard work. I love Milo and Crowder and Shapiro and pretty much everyone right of center except the fascists over at Daily Stormer trying to prevent free speech. The left has unity on its side, but everyone else is such a purist when it comes to how exactly to Make America Great Again, they are happy to turn their backs on compatriots who disagree. This makes us easy prey for organizations with a financial incentive to fracture us, and those who take this bait are either spies or dupes.


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