September 27, 2012

For example, Michelle Obama“€”who is being verbally barbecued for sending her daughters to a private school that boasts a relatively lavish lunch menu“€”has also benefited handsomely from prior and current associations with Big Food.

But to hear certain credulous neocon website commenters tell it, “Moochelle” is a power-crazed, whitey-hating, communist child-torturer who is preparing us for food rationing and enhanced federal policing power in her mad-scientist attempts “to create a skinny army of mind numbed robots.” And did you know that she has a fat ass and her husband smokes?

So as with everything else involved with America’s self-mutilating two-party system, it seems as if both sides are pretending to care for their constituencies”€”especially the goldurned children“€”to keep their benefactors signing big fat checks.

In pragmatic terms, if we”€™re going to be forced at gunpoint to finance an impossibly Byzantine government healthcare system intended to cover nearly $200 billion yearly in obesity costs alone, sure, shave a few calories off the little chubsters”€™ lunches. We”€™re fine with that. Kids these days are way too fat as it is. So are most Americans, and it’s only getting worse. We believe it’s healthy to be prejudiced against fat people and possibly even to bully them.

But more generally, we don”€™t think the government should be involved in healthcare at all. And we have no idea why the feds have dipped their beaks into the agricultural business to the tune of $150 billion a year. We don”€™t see the upside into being forced to pay to fatten up America’s schoolkids now so that we”€™re forced to pay for their open-heart surgeries forty years from now.

The government needs to stay out of our bellies. If parents can”€™t afford to feed their kids and keep them healthy, the solution is simple: Don”€™t have them.



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