There is something universal about rooting for an outlaw”€”call it the id-driven fantasy of law-abiding citizens. But the level of support displayed at the Chapo protest is disturbing. 

In fairness, last Saturday some levelheaded Mexicans from El Chapo’s home state of Sinaloa marched “€œfor peace”€; in other words, they favored arresting the notorious drug trafficker yet were still careful not to identify their demonstration as “€œanti-Chapo.”€ Unfortunately, one report said this group numbered less than 100. These protestors bore signs with humble and almost touching messages, such as “€œSinaloans are hardworking people.”€ There has to be something better coming out of Mexico than the world’s most powerful cartel boss, and these citizens felt the need to put out a more positive representation of their people. 

The pro-Chapo protest reveals a demented value system. There is a gaudy disorder inherent in such political unrest throughout Latin America, most recently in Venezuela. Have we not already seen shadows of such political action here in the United States as activist groups agitate for immigration reform by harassing congressmen in mob actions? I fear that the mob-protest phenomenon does not bode well for the future of civilized society. 


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