March 11, 2014

Source: Shutterstock

Al Jazeera, the Qatari ruling family’s mouthpiece, poses as an independent news organization but is no different than the one Goebbels ran sometime ago in Berlin. Al Jazeera supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the radical jihadists in Syria in order to protect the Thani family that rules Qatar when and if radical Islam wins out. In Aleppo, where the fighting has been fiercest, Al Jazeera has failed to mention that jihadists have desecrated 45 Christian churches and that mortal threats have driven most Christians away. It’s a little bit like Vogue Magazine and other glossies that run flattering pictures of the tarts married to the fat rulers of Qatar with gushing accompanying stories by obsequious journalists.

But I hope this will all soon change. No, the Saudis are not about to go to war with Qatar”€”rich towels pay others to do their fighting”€”but at least the contest for power in the Middle East will have been split in half. And Uncle Sam will be able by the end of this decade to export his God-given oil and gas and checkmate the Gulf filth that most likely was behind the horror of 9/11. I sure hope so. When the Archangel visits me I will tell him that enough is enough. As a failed Christian but a great believer, I’m sure the Almighty will hear me.



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