Sophie Loren and Jayne Mansfield

Despite persistent delusions that we labor under a patriarchy, my observation is that modern men have almost no group consciousness, at least not anymore. But I”€™ve noticed that when females”€™ status as a group is threatened, they instinctually bond together. It’s been my experience that if a man says anything remotely negative about one woman, all women seem to immediately take it personally. But if a woman makes a blanket negative statement about all men, most guys seem predisposed to say, “€œWell, maybe the poor gal has had a few bad experiences with men.”€

But that’s on a group rather than an individual level. When a woman’s individual mating status is threatened, she will be merciless with her rival.

For all that we hear about how men ceaselessly demean women’s looks and sexual behavior, it’s been my experience that they can”€™t hold a phallic candle to women at this cruel martial art. In over a half-century traversing this sad, mossy planet, I”€™ve seen women be far more ruthless tearing down other women’s looks than any guy I”€™ve ever known. They will pick apart another woman’s appearance like buzzards pecking on a carcass. And no matter if a woman’s own legs spread more easily than Philadelphia cream cheese, she will “€œslut-shame”€ other females”€™ alleged promiscuity with far more gusto than any man I”€™ve ever seen.

The idea that the “€œpatriarchy”€ forces females into such behavior is, ironically, patronizing to women. It depicts them as helplessly subject to men’s control rather than either the natural dictates of their hormones or, even more damningly, their own willful actions. For all that feminists yak about “€œempowerment,”€ taking personal responsibility for one’s behavior does not appear to be part of the package.

I”€™ve often felt that as a group strategy, feminism is ultimately doomed to fail because it’s impossible for any two women to get along forever. And if men ever decide to group together and seize the reins again, let’s make sure we put a steel lid on Pandora’s box this time around.



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