The author at the Atlanta, GA Donald Trump rally

Trump says that global trade policies have raped the USA economically, and he’s right. But simply because he doesn”€™t make a habit of blaming everything that’s wrong with the country on “€œracism,”€ Godwin’s Law is invoked as if it were the Eleventh Commandment.

I”€™ve felt for years that all this witch-hunting and moral hysteria over race is little more than a diversion and a deliberately sustained form of PSYOP to terrify anyone about complaining over the fact their jobs are either being shipped to foreign countries or handed to recent nonwhite immigrants who are willing to work for less.

Before Trump’s speech as some friends and I huddled outside the Georgia World Congress Center in the rain peeping at the other attendees in line”€”an endless array of Average Southern White Folks”€”a friend said, “€œThese are people who have absolutely no voice in politics or the media.”€

Trump speaks to a maligned, mistreated, and disregarded demographic that the elites of both parties view not as a constituency but as an obstacle. But even though this constituency is majority-white, Trump is never the one who points this out”€”only his enemies do.

The Trumpsters who have been awakened by The Trumpening have been systematically beaten down and silenced into a sort of learned helplessness. And then comes Trump speaking directly to them”€”but far more to their economic anxieties than to their ethnic ones.

Sure, they love Trump because he represents a huge wet sloppy unapologetic fart in the face of all the Cultural Revolution-style witch-hunting madness of the Obama years. But I think they love him even more because he’s the first presidential candidate in memory to speak directly to their completely legitimate economic anxieties.

The America of my childhood was much whiter, but it was also much more prosperous. My father grew up in the Great Depression and fought in WWII, but even without a high-school diploma he owned a house outright when he was my age and bought a new car every three years. And back in that oppressively patriarchal society, he acquired all these things without my mom even having to work.

The deluded young commies who lean toward the apopleptic Bernie Sanders don’t remember that America. They’ve been brainwashed into thinking it was simply an endless dark carnival of lynch mobs and gator-baiting.

And that’s why they have no clue about what Trump means when he says he wants to make America great again.


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