March 14, 2016

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Source: Wikimedia Commons

It’s certainly not the fascist redneck hordes that have allegedly been hypnotized by Trump. A few seconds of Googling yielded the following results:

“€¢ “protesters disrupt sanders rally” … 5 results
“€¢ “protesters disrupt clinton rally” … 10 results
“€¢ “protesters disrupt trump rally” … 24,500 results

The punch line is that in every case of protestors disrupting Clinton and Sanders rallies, the perps were the cretinous and embarrassingly innumerate goons of Black Lives Matter, harassing their fellow leftists for not being leftist enough.

Although I allow the possibility of isolated incidents, I could find no evidence of Trump supporters even bothering to attend a Clinton or Sanders rally, much less disrupt it or shut it down. 

If I went to a Nation of Islam or New Black Panthers or La Raza or Black Lives Matter rally, I”€™d expect a hostile reaction. But I’m not that kind of asshole. I’m considerate enough to not go where I’m not wanted.

The idea that Donald Trump creates chaos and violence and public unrest is a case of sick, massive projection on the part of leftist interlopers who have been conditioned for a few generations to believe they can publicly defecate on everything they hate and not expect even one soft puff of blowback, lest they file discrimination lawsuits and hate-crime charges. And they justify their behavior just like every True Believer lemming in history does”€”because they’re fighting the “good fight” and the ends justify the means.

Therefore, when the inevitable blowback comes, they shouldn’t cry”€”but they will. And it will be music to my ears.


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