Diversity Training

Nonwhites Can”€™t Be Racist Cuz My Teacher Told Me So

March 09, 2015


As much as I”€™d hate to crawl into the minds of others, I”€™d say that nearly everyone on this filthy little planet holds their own hatreds and stereotypes and prejudices and postjudices. And you know what? So long as I”€™m not getting hurt, I”€™m cool with that. Bartender”€”serve up a round of hatred for everyone!

Still, saying that “€œonly whites can be racist”€ is blood libel against all whites, and as a white guy who doesn”€™t really give a hoot either way about being white unless you want to stigmatize or extort or harm me because of it, I”€™m going to toot my referee whistle, throw my penalty flag on the ground, and say you”€™re being unfair.

They”€™ll talk all the livelong day about how whites accrued tremendous power, but they”€™ll run away like frightened church mice from pondering how whites were able to achieve this in the first place and why other groups were unable to beat them to it. Obviously, technological and organizational prowess during the right historical moments were not factors”€”they”€™ve already ruled out those explanations. Nor have any other groups besides whites ever practiced slavery or ethnic favoritism or territorial aggression. No, it’s all explained by hatred and evil and unfairness and racism and other silly demon words designed to scare four-year-old girls in a horror movie where all the ghosts are white.

All of this pain and all of these headaches could have been averted if the authors of Is Everyone Really Equal? had actually considered their question, paused for a moment, and answered “€œNo.”€

Try it”€”it only hurts the first couple times you admit it to yourself. The observable and demonstrable fact that everyone isn”€™t really equal explains so many cultural phenomena that the social justice warriors limply attempt to explain with their insane, convoluted illogic. It’s silly to claim that only whites may be racist. But you may have a point if you said that only whites do it so well.

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