Cabu had a similar following, but what makes him unique is that he did the same for kids”€™ shows. Many French told me that as youngsters, they learned sarcasm and satire from his shows. He taught an entire nation’s children the merits of humor and showed them that it is an incredible tool. As George Orwell put it, “€œEvery joke is a tiny revolution.”€ Juxtapose that with the Ayatollah Khomeini quote, “€œThere are no jokes in Islam,”€ and you begin to see the problem here. We are not compatible with Islam. It’s time for a divorce.

The killing of Cabu and Wolinski alone is like having Jon Stewart and Bill O”€™Reilly assassinated on the same day. Except Stewart and O”€™Reilly are relatively new. Cabu and Wolinski go back decades. In 2012, the prestigious Bibliothèque nationale de France had a Wolinski exhibit entitled “€œ50 Years of Drawings.”€ It’s difficult to find a comparison that mirrors the magnitude of these shootings. It’s somewhere between the Canadian War Memorial and September 11th. In other words, it’s happening here.

This isn”€™t an ethereal threat with complicated roots that we need to “€œopen a conversation”€ about. It’s a religious war based on irreconcilable differences. How many attacks do we have to endure before we realize this? It seems like the only people who truly understand how violent Islam is have been beheaded. All skinheads had to do was wear a swastika. By fretting about nonexistent backlashes and demanding that everyone be civil, we are putting our entire civilization at risk.

And for what? A culture that’s 500 years behind us? What are the upsides of embracing a culture that murders gays, treats women as second-class citizens, puts children in harm’s way, and rejects the entire notion of fun? As Bob Dobbs of the Church of the Subgenius says, “€œFuck “€™em if they can”€™t take a joke.”€


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