May 14, 2018

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And hey, what about those adorable little Asians?

Not only do Asian males self-report the “lowest number of sexual partners [and] one-night stands” among all racial groups, they are, as I already noted but I like to rub it in, the male sample set with the lowest T levels on this fair planet.

As luck would have it, Asians also enjoy the lowest rates of HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis among all racial groups in America—even whites, which is a miracle, seeing as how it’s been scientifically proven that this is a white-supremacist society that rigs everything—even leaky herpes sores—in whites’ favor. To their credit, Asians have also found a way to wriggle around white supremacy to the point where they score higher than whites on IQ tests and make more money on average than them, too.

Apparently, being intelligent is somehow correlated with not wantonly sticking your plug in every rusty socket you can find.

Speaking of STDs and intelligence, American Hispanics score somewhat between whites and blacks on both counts. In other words, Hispanics score lower than whites on the written tests and higher than whites on the blood tests. They are around twice more likely than whites—and about half as likely as blacks—to have any STD in the entire smorgasbord of STDs. But they suffer similar rates of poverty compared to blacks and have even lower rates of health insurance, which tends to demolish these dogged Marxist delusions that a $15 minimum wage and free healthcare would somehow magically level STD rates among all ethnic groups.

Isn’t it just like an ideological idiot to look for racism in a genital wart? If you don’t want to come down with some horrid STD, the solution is simple—keep it in your pants. Or at least put a raincoat on it.

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