October 12, 2011

For Nancy Pelosi, the Tea Partiers who have not had a single arrest over two-plus years are dangerous radicals, but she actually asked God to “bless” the Occupants. Doesn’t that violate the left’s belief of separation of church and state?

Tea Partiers represent the best that America has to offer and are in no need of Pelosi’s prayers, which are intercepted and screened by an Obama staffer before getting to the big guy.

Occupants, on the other hand, are indeed in need of real prayer, but by professionals and not Pelosi. Occupants represent America at its worst, as they are the shiftless and lazy thieves among us. Occupants feign solidarity to a common cause to stop Wall Street “greed” as many of them head back to their cushy cars, phat homes, high-paying jobs, and otherwise opulent lifestyles, as lost as last year’s Easter eggs.

Michael Moore claimed at one time that he owned no stock, yet he actually owned a substantial amount of the dreaded Halliburton.

Russell Simmons is a banker of the worst kind! Here is a bit of information on the credit-card services that he advertises will help poor people establish their credit:



Typical Bank Card

Activation Fee:



Convenience Fee:



ATM Cash Withdrawal:


Free (at branch)

ATM Balance Inquiry:



Bill Payment:






Refund of Rushcard/Bank Card via Check:



A month from now, the Occupy Wall Street movement will be deader than disco, exposed for the fraud that the movement and its Occupants are. Nice try by the lefties to shift the fight and attempt to market faux passion. The Occupy movement didn’t plan on America being at maximum occupancy already.



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