November 17, 2015

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Do the same at the Statue of Liberty, and sandblast that crappy old poem you use for an immigration policy while you”€™re at it. (Killing two birds on one stone, as it were.)

Print it on your (strange-smelling) money.

Brag about it, McDonald’s-style: ONLY 10,000 KILLED!

Because I am, well, deadly serious: That figure is”€”I can”€™t quite find the word I”€™m looking for”€”supernaturally(?) low.

And it gets lower.

Because as this must-read fellow explains (and Taki’s readers already know), a big chunk of those 10,000 are (“€œwere”€?) criminals, savages, and other assorted lowlifes anyway, who lived in one of a handful of localities:

Let’s narrow the focus. Most gun deaths are urban homicides”€”maybe four a week in Chicago. In fact, eleven American cities”€”Chicago, New Orleans, Detroit, Los Angeles, Jacksonville (Fla.), Miami, Orlando, Omaha, Atlanta, Aurora, IL, and Dallas, account for over 70% of all American gun homicides”€”with a weekly rate of nearly 30 shootings.

Narrowing further, according to the 2013 DOJ crime statistics, 53% of all US homicides are committed by black young men (15 to 30) in urban violence with handguns. Blacks are about 14% of US population; but young black men are about 13% of the total black population. So, 13 X 14 = 1.82, less than 2% of our population commits more than half of all American gun murders. Thus, a very small percent of the US population commits most gun homicides.

Which is why, as much as I still admire (bits of) America, and despair for the future of my own country, I can still draw a sliver of comfort when I contemplate our past. Thus I thank God every day for making Canada too cold for cotton.


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