November 21, 2016

In Massachusetts, a 20-year-old black man briefly gained online sympathy when he reported that two white men called him naughty racial names and told him that he was in “€œTrump’s country”€ now, which caused him to fear for his life. But later, according to the local police chief, “€œThe alleged victim admitted that he had made up the entire story.”€

In Ohio, a student named Eleesha Long says that three white boys”€”all of whom happened to be wearing Trump shirts simultaneously”€”threw rocks at her while shouting racial slurs. But according to a local police official, “€œseveral times the complainant changed her story about what happened, where it happened, and when it happened,”€ and her heartbreaking Hate Saga was determined to be entirely false. A review of her text messages revealed “€œracist remarks against Trump supporters that she sent to her boyfriend and mother.”€

Meanwhile, back in the real world, schoolkids who are even suspected of supporting Trump are getting the shit kicked out of them in California, Texas, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida.

An “€œanti-bullying ambassador“€ has been arrested in New York City for allegedly shoving a 74-year-old male Trump supporter to the ground outside Trump Tower.

Two Connecticut men”€”one of whom was allegedly carrying 54 bags of heroin when he was arrested”€”stand accused of punching and kicking a man who was holding an American flag and a Trump sign.

According to authorities in New York City, a man wearing a Trump hat was choked on a Bronx-bound subway train by an assailant who called him “€œanother white Trump supporter.”€

And then there’s the guy in Chicago who was shown on videotape being pummeled by two assailants while being cheered on by onlookers who called him “€œone of them white boy Trump guys.”€

So there’s undeniably a violent Hate Wave going on out there”€”it’s just the opposite of what you”€™ve been led to believe.


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