November 12, 2010

One-time gov Sarah Palin is the star of a new eight-episode reality TV show premiering this weekend that showcases her entire family and a few real mama grizzlies, but one thing that won”€™t be shown onscreen: strife with her rugged husband Todd. The couple is shooting down a tabloid report that claimed they were headed for a $20 million divorce. “€œI call Todd on the cell phone [from the grocery checkout] and I say, ‘Todd, you won’t believe this cover!’ And he says, ‘Twenty million? Write me a check.”€™”€ Let’s all pause to remember that yes, Sarah Palin probably does have $20 million.

Being a billionaire’s girlfriend and a high-powered editor was stretching her too thin. Roman Abramovich’s lady friend Dasha Zhukova is no longer editor in chief of Pop, the British fashion magazine. She’s moving on to work on “€œindependent digital publishing projects in the arts.” Wonder how much that pays?

Miley Cyrus is bottling up all her angst about her parent’s divorce and channeling it into finding new man candy. She chatted up dreamy Kings of Leon singer Jared Followill after the MTV Europe Music Awards. Supposedly they”€™re just friends, but Miley’s been on the lookout since her break-up with Liam “€œWho?”€ Hemsworth. And for the record, Bret Michaels and Miley’s mom are still denying the affair that tabloids say broke up the Cyrus household.

More from the lifestyles of the rich and very young”€”after her split with Disney muppet Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato supposedly sought comfort in the arms of Wilmer Valderrama, who always seems to hang around the good girls gone bad (he previously dated Lindsay Lohan). Even though reps say she entered a medical treatment facility for mental and emotional issues, one sleazeball Texas college student went blabbing to the tabloids about seeing Demi doing coke like a pro.

There’s nothing sweeter than a mom writing a tell-all about her famous daughter’s death. Brittany Murphy’s mom, Sharon, says it’s her “€œway of celebrating and honoring her [daughter’s] extraordinary life and career.”€ Brittany died in December of last year from complications of pneumonia and anemia. Maybe it”€™ll actually be a lovely tribute, who knows.

Congratulations, Pink! The 31-year-old rocker is expecting her first child with husband Carey Hart. The couple has had their ups and downs in the past but everything seems to be worked out now. Expect the little one to be mohawked by the age of two.

Goodbye to all that blogging. At a luncheon at the 21 Club this week Joan Didion let it slip that she is writing a new book for the next year, and that she just doesn”€™t understand the whole Kindle phenomenon. “€œIt’s one more thing to carry around,”€ she said. “€œThey apparently work for people.”€ She also said blogging “€œseems like writing, except quicker.”€ “€œI mean, I”€™m not actually looking for that instant feedback.”€

Do you “€˜like”€™ the Royal family? The Queen joined Facebook this week, but unfortunately you can”€™t friend her. Over 60,000 people bum rushed the page on its first day to check out the official news, photos, and videos. Not everyone was kind to the tech neophyte though”€”thousands of people “€˜liked”€™ the page only to post nasty anti-monarchist comments. They were quickly deleted.

All hail Queen Rania. The beauty won Glamour’s Woman of the Year prize for being the most up-to-date royal and spending her life educating women and girls. A few fun facts: she listens to Bono, is a fan of other powerful women”€”Hillary and Oprah included”€”and drives a hybrid SUV. The magazine had a splashy awards ceremony to celebrate the queen and other honorees including Lisa Leslie, Julia Roberts, the youngest person ever to sail solo across the Atlantic and, of course, Cher.

And the week can”€™t come to a close without Prince William news. Yet another report this week said he was planning on proposing to Kate Middleton, heating up speculation in royal circles. Apparently they made a “€œsecret pact”€ three years ago while on vacation together that they would eventually tie the knot, and 2011 is bandied about as the big year. Uh huh.


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