January 06, 2014

But for true believers in the most demented doctrines of phallophobic radical misandry, patriarchal trifles such as logic, biology, and evolution must be discarded in the greater service of social justice.

Thus the deluded utopian dreamers soldier on in their achingly earnest and unintentionally hilarious blogs, pinning all human woes on the “unnatural” act of a man placing his penis inside a woman’s vagina, no matter how much she enjoys it. Everything is rape to them because, well, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

In a review of Dworkin’s Intercourse, one PIV-o-phobe denies that sexual intercourse constitutes sex and instead focuses on risks such as obstetric fistula, preeclampsia, STD infections, and even death by blood clot. Sounds like a fun gal.

On a post titled “Why I’m Anti-PIV,” a self-described male virgin insists that placing one’s penis inside a vagina is a part of the male privilege that he seeks to obliterate, even though he’s obviously never enjoyed it in the first place.

Another self-gelded male white knight who calls himself “Francois Tremblay” sounds quite infantile in his descriptions of why the other “side” of the argument”€”you know, the low-information haters who say that sexual intercourse is natural and healthy”€”is infantile:

I just have little to say about a debate where the other side’s arguments are basically sophisticated versions of “me feel good when stick pee-pee in pussy, me big dick, me make baby, baby good” and “me feel good when pee-pee is in pussy, me ‘modern woman’,” because this is basically what the PIV discussions reduce themselves to.

A post titled “Why Do We Keep Having PIV??” on the Facebook page for Radical Feminists denies that vaginas are meant to have penises inside them:

PIV (penis in vagina) intercourse is considered to be the definition of “normal” sex by doctors, psychologists, TV, and most men. But should putting the penis in the vagina be considered the only way to have sex, or even a normal way?…The vagina is a hole, it’s meant to be penetrated. Nostrils and ears are holes. Should they be penetrated as well?…Some holes on the body are not meant to be filled with objects.

True, but the hole between your ears should at least be filled with a brain.

The sort of gullibility that would lead someone to believe that all intercourse is rape is essentially incurable. These people beg to be mocked, but they should also be watched closely lest their daffy delusions start creeping into the legal and educational systems. I”€™d tell them all to get fucked, but they”€™d probably choose to feel raped instead, so I respectfully choose to deny them the pleasure.



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