March 14, 2014


Blacks tried running with it for a while, but there are few things more white than blogging about syntax, and it’s hard to tell people which words are acceptable when you”€™re inventing new ones every two weeks.

When women and the gays got together, political correctness got a second wind. Not only did they bring their own gripes to the table, they decided to pick up the torch for all minorities.

When Juan Williams admitted he feels uncomfortable seeing Muslims in full Islamic garb on airplanes, they shrieked until he was fired. When an ESPN writer used “€œChink in the Armor”€ in a headline, he, too, was fired. (I love this one because he was ultimately fired for not noticing that “€œChink”€ means Asian. In other words, he was fired for not being racist.) People were losing their jobs like crazy up until very recently. The gay fight and the feminist fight are losing steam.

In the past year it seems that even the GOP is getting bored of gay marriage. Both Bill O”€™Reilly and Rush Limbaugh have said the gays have a good point and even if they didn”€™t, the battle has been lost. I”€™m told the message at CPAC from young conservatives was, “€œGet over gay marriage, the drug war, and the culture war or we”€™re defecting to libertarianism.”€

Some women still complain about their lot in life, but they seem more concerned with meatier battles such as racism. It’s hard to find any stories on Jezebel about sexism anymore. The problem with the Internet is that it makes facts too easy to find, so pretending women make less money than men has become too easy to refute. Besides, getting serious about women’s rights means crapping on Islam, and that’s probably racist.

Alas, this has left transsexuals and a few idiots such as Beyoncé holding the torch, and they have no idea what they”€™re doing. They can act offended when we call women “€œbossy”€ or notice that a transsexual is not a woman, but it’s so ridiculous, it hurts their case. What was once a bonfire of burning books has become a couple of stragglers holding a lit match. Should we walk over and pinch out the flame? No, let’s watch it burn down to their fingers and have a good laugh when they start crying.


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