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Privacy Hysteria

May 19, 2015


And of course, Glenn Greenwald.

He likes to mock the “€œI have nothing to hide”€ people, which is extra funny since some of us remember Greenwald back when he was an infamous-on-the-internet “€œsockpuppet.”€

That is, when readers criticized his writing, he”€™d create fake identities to leave comments under his own articles, saying, “€œ Leave Glenn alone! He’s a genius.”€

He was easily busted, because it turned out that self-styled internet privacy expert Glenn Greenwald didn”€™t understand how IP addresses worked as late as 2006.

This is your vanguard?

Look, there are some pretty basic steps you can take to reduce your chances of being hacked and trailed.

I don”€™t know about pcs, but on a Mac you can use Firefox instead of Chrome, and install Blur and Https Everywhere as browser add-ons. Use MacScan, PrivacyScan and 1Password along with two-step verification to keep stuff like DropBox locked down tighter.

This expert on everything internet got hacked “€” and admitted that mostly “€œit was all his fault.”€ So don”€™t be that guy.

Feel free to “€œunGoogle“€ yourself, by all means.

But I”€™m pissed of at Facebook and Twitter and YouTube (and the State) about too many other things “€“ although not that they”€™re “€œJewish”€ “€” to bother.

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