To find out, I downloaded the 2015 IMF estimates for the population and GDP per capita of all the countries in the world. It turns out that 5,545,000,000 people live in countries poorer on average than Mexico, Lebanon, or Turkey. That’s a lot.

And don”€™t forget that Puerto Rico is richer than Portugal, Greece, or the homes to 6.1 billion other people. Yet, enjoying open borders with the U.S., Puerto Rico is currently emptying out into Florida.

Granted, some people in the world are still too poor to migrate. For example, almost a billion people live in countries with lower GDPs than Honduras. Many of them can”€™t afford the smugglers”€™ fees, smartphones, and stylish sportswear that appear de rigueur for this season’s desperate asylum seekers. But you”€™ll recall that even Honduras could afford to send us so many “€œunaccompanied minors“€ last year when the Obama administration recruited future Democrats in Central America.

So these numbers would suggest that the population of the countries that are in the prime emigrating income range”€”not too rich and not too poor”€”is around 4 or 5 billion.

Indeed, Gallup polling in 151 countries came up with an estimate that 640 million adults would like to emigrate. That’s not counting their children or their dependent seniors, so you could call the real number a billion plus. The United States is the first choice of 150 million of this potential swarm, while 45 million would most like to go to Britain and 26 million to Germany.

Does the TV footage of German women excitedly waving hello to the swaggering Muslim newcomers remind you of the tragic stories of German women waving goodbye to their own menfolk in 1914? Will European self-respect ever recover from the self-inflicted disasters of 1914″€“1945?

But if Europeans are too sensitive to overcome their feelings of hereditary guilt, can they avoid coming under the domination of more self-confident and less conscience-ridden men from other continents? If indigenous conservative loyalists are shouted into silence as guilty by blood, how can the Social Justice left not ultimately wind up the prey of far more primitive rightists from Iron Age cultures?

As Pat Buchanan observed this month, the events in Europe remind him of James Burnham’s 1964 observation: “€œLiberalism is the ideology of Western suicide.”€


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