October 17, 2016

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Thus, we never hear from these types about “toxic femininity.” In their quest to deny pervasive female power in this society, they never speak of how rottenly deceptive and manipulative women can be in legal disputes with men, nor how the full weight of the law is tilted toward women in all such cases. They won’t admit that while they mock male tears, they consistently use female tears to get whatever the hell they want. They never mention how many self-proclaimed feminists feel perfectly entitled to rip your face off if they suspect that you’re looking at another woman. They don’t dare note the fact that while men make more money in this society, women are the ones spending most of it, which is why so much of advertising is aimed at dames and portrays men as bumbling, helpless, neutered fools.

According to former NFL player Joe Ehrmann, “€œThe three most destructive words that every man receives when he’s a boy is when he’s told to “€˜be a man.”€™”€

I disagree. I think the three most destructive words you can tell a boy are, “You’re a girl.”

In practice, the word “equality” has never been more than a phony shield to cloak a dark animal drive for raw power. And when people are on a quest for power, they almost always perceive kindness as weakness.

Modern men must thus stand athwart history and yell SHUT UP! at women. Women are supposed to be miraculous because they can give birth? Female hamsters can do that, but it wasn’t hamsters that invented the internal combustion engine.

Therefore, rather than trying to purge natural masculinity from their bloodstream through a debilitating and humiliating process of ideological chemotherapy, I encourage all men to bask in their toxic masculinity as if it were the cure for all that ails them, because that’s exactly what it is. We must toil no longer under a legal system that allows women to use their vaginas as giant lobster claws, crushing our hopes, dreams, and bank accounts. Let radical feminists faint to the stink of toxic masculinity as it wafts from the armpits of real men across this big blue marble we call Planet Earth.

Toxically masculine males of the world, unite! You have nothing to grow back but your balls.


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