June 29, 2015

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I’m going to quote a Jew here, so some of you brace yourselves if you find such things emotionally triggering. Hannah Arendt once allegedly said:

One of the greatest advantages of the totalitarian elites of the twenties and thirties was to turn any statement of fact into a question of motive.

Replace “statement of fact” with “violent act,” and the same principle applies to so-called hate crimes and terrorist acts. Such concepts create whole new crimes, ones based entirely on motive and that are therefore impossible to quantify. These are nothing more than thoughtcrimes. In order to prosecute and punish such offenses, a cumbersome new federal bureaucracy must be built to create public fear, temporarily alleviate it, then continue creating more fear in order to justify its continued existence.

In other words, to protect a gullible and easily manipulated public from “terrorism,” the government must persistently terrorize the public with threats both real and imaginary, both foreign and domestic. If that sounds paranoid, well, I’d rather be paranoid than naïve.

I expect the caretakers of our anarchically tyrannical welfare state to soon use the terms “racist” and “domestic terrorist” together so often that they become synonymous in the public mind. And to protect the public against all these newly christened terrorists, the government will naturally need to hire more lawyers and cops and bureaucrats and spies and prison guards.

Is it remotely possible that many whites are currently critical of the government because they sense it’s intrinsically hostile to their interests? Will it even be possible in five years to suggest such a thing without being labeled a terrorist?

I wrote long ago that I suspected all rhetoric and laws against “hate speech” and “hate crimes” were designed to ultimately block all criticism of the government. Nothing has happened in the interim to dissuade me from this suspicion.

I don’t generally like to make predictions, but I sense a gradual phasing out of the term “hate crime” in favor of “domestic terrorism.” Any criticism of nonwhites OR the government, no matter how intrinsically nonthreatening, will eventually all be lumped together as terrorist threats. The very idea of domestic terrorism provides huge growth opportunities for the federal government”€”opportunities it’d be foolish not to seize. And the feds are no fools, at least not like the rest of us are.


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