Conservatism wasn”€™t always so insular and was generally concerned with what was of interest to the everyday American, but what started as a movement has descended into a business and finally into a nepotistic racket. You”€™re not supposed to notice that in a supposedly meritocratic party nearly everyone is either a descendant from someone else who did something, maybe, during the Reagan years or went to the “€œright”€ schools. This is not Adams”€™ natural aristocracy but the tendency of Third World countries where the capital court is inbred. At the Wall Street Journal editorial page”€”cuckservatism’s flagship publication”€”I watched as the very same reporters who mocked Breitbart had to notice he had scalped Rep. Anthony Weiner. This coup made the cuckservatives simultaneously envious and resentful.

The cuckservatives are expected to toe the line to keep their sinecure. I watched at the Journal how editors rewarded friends, punished adversaries, and even published a few of their family members”€™ tortured pieces. In some cases they were even expected to sell a war on faulty premises. When I called out Elizabeth O”€™Bagy’s ties to the Syrian rebels, the Journal‘s Paul Gigot wrote me a letter attacking my professionalism. I tweeted it out. When I saw Gigot later he mouthed, “€œI hate you”€ in front of a roomful of journalists and then demanded the interview be off the record. This is how the cucks do it, apparently. The think-tank world raises money from the best businessmen in America. And they lose over and over and over again.

It’s gotten so bad that most young people I know call themselves libertarian or “€œfiscally conservative but socially liberal,”€ even when they aren’t. They just don”€™t want to be losers. The left gives them opportunities and invests in their stupid ideas like Snapchat or wunderkind Ezra Klein’s Vox. Even, or perhaps especially, at Fox News, the young conservatives will tell me how there is a glass ceiling on their accomplishments.

But there’s a new generation cropping up that is giving the finger to the established way of doing things. James O”€™Keefe changed voter ID laws in six states for less than $50,000 while voter integrity fraud group True the Vote all but imploded. He defunded ACORN for a few thousand while the Cato Institute has wasted millions in its failed efforts to privatize Social Security. My friend David Daleiden ended Planned Parenthood’s string of victories with $100,000 and three years of meticulous planning. Pro-life professional activists, meanwhile, have spent $1 billion and 30 years and have nothing to show for it. I sued to slow down the Soros-funded #BlackLivesMatters anti-police terrorism for $20,000 before coming up with the evidence that discredited the Ferguson protesters and Michael Brown. I delivered a brutal blow to both Rolling Stone magazine and campus feminism by naming Jackie Coakley for about $500. Yesterday yet another lawsuit was filed against Rolling Stone using my research.

Maybe you cuckservatives should just toss us the keys. Listen to Sean Connery if you”€™re doing “€œyour best,”€ you cucks.

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