March 05, 2014

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Roosevelt got his war by ignoring the warnings that Japan was about to attack the fleet at Pearl. He has the blood of dead Americans on his hands, as well as the blood of those who died fighting Japan and Germany during the next four years. His bloodthirsty successor, the ex-haberdasher Truman, did himself proud by dropping the A-bombs. His excuse was that he did it to save American lives in the invasion of Japan. The unconditional surrender Uncle Sam demanded, and the fact that Japan was desperately looking to end the war, ensured that Japan’s militarists had the final say. Almost seventy years later, even after Stalin’s and Mao’s crimes of over 100 million dead have been revealed, what does good Uncle Sam do? He allows people such as Sneider to stir the pot and with the help of Hollywood remind us of the little yellow men who mistreated pilots that had incinerated their wives and mothers.

And more shock horror. An Abe appointee recently said that the Tokyo tribunal after World War II was a means to cover up the genocide of American air raids over Tokyo and the two A-bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The American embassy called this preposterous. What is preposterous is that we bomb the hell out of countries as recently as ten years ago”€”and that includes a Christian European country such as Serbia”€”but seventy years after we committed a Mao-like crime in dropping two A-bombs on a defenseless population, we haven’t the guts to admit our fault but instead blame nationalistic talk on the Japanese because they worship their ancestors and honor those who gave their lives for their country. Americans who have served will agree. Those who send others to do the fighting”€”and we know who they are”€”will not. Banzai!



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