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Robert E. Lee’s Final Surrender

October 08, 2011

Washington and Lee University

What you will not find is commemoration of the people of European origin without whose history, heritage, blood, toil, and sacrifice there would have been no Virginia, United States, Washington, Lee, or Washington and Lee University (and that’s not mentioning science and technology). The madness is cemented in something called Donning of Kente Ceremony that one trained in psychoanalysis can easily identify as a transference ritual in which the draping of African cloth on a meritorious person substitutes for the donning of hair shirts.

If racial sadomasochism is not your racket, you can find a different flavor in WLU’s Socio-Economic Diversity Committee. Or you can stroll over to WLU’s Bonner Leaders Program that aims, innocently,

to provide a unique college experience for a select number of students by empowering them to further the culture of service on campus and in the local community throught [sic] the productive use of service, education and leadership.

But that is an Alinskyite foot massage. What this is about was stated here, before some practitioner of the David Axelrod method of deep shiatsu got to it. It read:

The Bonner Foundation…acknowledges six “common commitments” in which all its campus-based programs invest: social justice, diversity, spiritual development, international perspectives, civic engagement, and community-building.

WLU’s School of Law publishes the Journal of Civil Rights & Social Justice. All you need to know is in that name. The law school’s Lewis Law Center organizes symposia the very names of which attest to the sort of patients that bunk in this asylum:

– Reproductive and Sexual Health and the African Women’s Protocol

– A Queer Definition of Equality

– Race and Class in the 21st Century Through the Lens of Hurricane Katrina

A 2002 WORLD magazine story (.pdf) about American colleges’ “diversity” brainwashing cites Skin Deep, a “racial-awareness” film forced on Washington and Lee University freshmen, in sessions where minority workshop participants lambaste “whiteness” while white students “repent of generational racism.”

On Sept. 9, 2009, WLU’s president Kenneth P. Ruscio gave a Fall Convocation Address in which he babbled about WLU’s “higher aspirations” being reflected in a commitment to diversity. Over a million American Civil War casualties paid the butcher’s bill for the country’s earlier error of “commitment to diversity”: importing African slaves to a white colony. Current phenomena ranging from black crime statistics and predatory flash mobs to the governance of black-dominated cities such as Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Detroit indicate that the paying won’t be over soon.

General Lee, who abhorred slavery and was against Virginia’s secession, saw his honor and duty first in defending his family, second his state, and only third, when not conflicting, the United States. In a famous letter to his sister on April 20, 1861, he wrote:

With all my devotion to the Union and the feeling of loyalty and duty as an American citizen, I have not been able to make up my mind to raise my hand against my relatives, my children, my home. Save in defence of my native State, with the sincere hope that my poor services may never be needed, I hope I may never be called upon to draw my sword.

To put it differently, kin come first. Not mad prattling like Dr. Ruscio’s about “no matter their backgrounds, their race, their gender, their sexual orientation, their ethnicity, or their religious beliefs.” That suicidal formula, basically a blasphemous rejection of the universe’s rules, of reality and nature, is a specialty of the West’s ruling elites alone. It’s the West’s peoples, therefore, who alone are being marched toward the edge of the cliff by their leaders.  With much pushing from academic morons who don the mantles of giants such as George Washington, Robert Lee, Benjamin Franklin via University of Pennsylvania’s hopeless Amy Gutmann, or Thomas Jefferson via University of Virginia’s John T. Casteen III.

There isn’t a single entity on foreign soil—not al-Qaeda, not the KGB, not Kim Jong-il, not the narco cartels—that has wreaked as much costly destruction on the United States as the demented drivel has that’s been pouring out from America’s universities for 40 years now. There is a super-original, quantifiable Ph.D. dissertation in that hypothesis, but it will not see the light of day. Cogitate on that in a silent tribute to Robert E. Lee.


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