September 25, 2011

Hasnah and Tahir remind me of those Victorian women who used to cover up table legs lest they get men horny. Muslims in Europe now feel free to impose Sharia customs and laws into our society. There are areas in all major British cities which boast of “Sharia-Controlled Zones.” Hard to believe, but true. In France, especially in the northern working-class suburbs of Paris, the situation is even worse. I don’t understand why European governments and courts continue to indulge this scum. If I made a homosexual joke in any of the magazines I write for in Europe, I’d be fired quicker than you can say, “Christopher Street.” Yet Muslim preachers are allowed to scream abuse at gays daily and ask the faithful to behead them.

It is the same philosophy that permits Serena Williams to abuse umpires and linesmen in the US Open and call a Greek female umpire “unattractive.” (She then thought it over and added the word “inside.”) If I were any member of the Williams family, I’d keep the “u” word—as in “unattractive”—away from my vocabulary. Any white player would have been heavily fined or suspended; Williams was fined 2,000 devalued greenbacks, a sum she spends on bubble gum for her and her entourage per week.

These were some light anecdotes about the sinking old continent (plus one about the sinking new continent) and how unelected EU officials and judges have turned the old lady into a laughingstock for the…Chinese.

Now we come to money. Europe is totally broke except for the Germans, who finally have the opportunity to take over the continent without a single Wehrmacht grenadier being killed. If the euro is to survive, the Germans will have to bail out the rest of the countries. The price will be for Germany to take sufficient control over the indebted countries. Personally I’d be delighted, but there are others with long memories. Politically, there is no hope that a fiscal union would save the euro. Yet the bureaucrooks that run the EU insist on it. Again, I’d love to see the euro disappear as long as those lunch-bucket pilferers and smiling wallet-lifters who run Brussels disappear with it. But it ain’t gonna happen. The bureaucrooks married a whore—the EU—and dragged her down to their level. It was a good idea back in 1957. A trade agreement. Then the crooks decided the idiotic people were too stupid to see what they were doing—a dictatorship of bureaucrooks—and you know the rest. Have a good autumn.


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