December 24, 2010

Aw, Ross is all grown up. David Schwimmer and new wife Zoe Buckman are expecting their first child. The 44-year-old former Friends star wed the British Buckman last June after dating since 2007.

Fashion has seduced yet another sportsman. New York Knicks star Amar”€™e Stoudemire is reportedly launching a clothing line with Rachel Roy, whom he met during New York Fashion Week. An interesting twist”€”the clothes are expected to be for women.

Here’s one souvenir Kate won”€™t be keeping around. A commemorative coin minted in the UK depicts Prince William and Kate Middleton in a shot particularly unflattering to the future princess. The Guardian sums it up best: “€œRather than a fresh, slim, chisel-nosed Middleton, it seems a heavier, older interloper with the flattened features of a pugilist would be stepping into her bridal shoes.”€ The Royal Mint’s spokesman said the gold coin underwent a “€œrigorous approval process.”€ Kate must be careful in choosing which battles she”€™d like to pick. Smart woman.

Not to be outdone, Prince Albert of Monaco says he will be marrying Charlene Wittstock in an outdoor ceremony next July. Giant televisions will also be set up so 4,000 guests”€”society members or plebes, it hasn”€™t been decided”€”will be able to ogle the bachelor and his bride, who’s apparently deciding between wearing Armani and Christian Dior for the big day.

In other royal news, Prince William’s cousin Zara Phillips is also engaged. Princess Anne’s daughter will marry Mike Tindall, a strapping rugby player who friends say brought calm to the heiress”€™ once-wild life. In a move far from Palace protocol, the couple announced their engagement through a PR firm instead of official channels. Some worry she might try to strike a deal with a British magazine for exclusive wedding photos, but it’s unlikely she”€™ll want to incite much wrath during such a special occasion.


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