I”€™d forgotten, though, that Steinem ably mocks her “€œsisters,”€ too, taking their cheeky “€œWar is Menstruation Envy”€ buttons to their illogical extreme:

All feminists would explain endlessly that men, too, needed to be liberated from the false idea of Martian aggressiveness, just as women needed to escape the bonds of menses envy. Radical feminist would add that the oppression of the nonmenstrual was the pattern for all other oppressions (“€œVampires were our first freedom fighters!”€).

Maybe the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research overlooked that part when, citing her famous essay, they chose Steinem as the first recipient of the “€œMaking Menstruation Matter”€ Award in 2012, which, I swear, really happened.

(What does the statuette look like? I wonder. A giant gold-plated tampon mounted on an “€œovernight”€ Always?)

Speaking of menopause, what have I forgotten?

Oh, yes: The ongoing workplace menstrual leave debate.

American Apparel’s dripping vagina T-shirt.

The semi-big deal about the deletion of the “€œiconic”€ “€œtampon scene”€ from the film adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey.

As I noted last year, I missed my chance to cash in on menstruation mania when it cycled through 25 years ago.

Maybe I”€™m mellowing out in my old age, but I”€™m trying to stay sanguine about that.


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