September 29, 2015

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I”€™m just finding out that Roland Emmerich is gay. Wow, does that ever put his orgasmic famous-landmark explosions in Independence Day, White House Down, and The Day After Tomorrow in a whole new CGI light!

Emmerich is best known for those and other such disaster movies, but according to some critics, his new movie is a disaster, period.

Stonewall supposedly tells the story of the multiday riots in New York City in 1969 that, in gay pop history shorthand, spawned the”€”what is it this week?”€”LGBTTIQQ2SA “€œpride”€/”€œcivil”€/ “€œhuman rights”€ movement.

Vulture, Salon, and the ever-reliable Jezebel are all pissed that Emmerich’s movie hero is a fictional Caucasian boy from out of town”€””€œa shiny white cis man”€”€”instead of the nonfictional and “€œextremely awesome trans activists of color”€ who, legend has it, were the riot’s real catalysts.

Now, if Stonewall were “€œmy”€ story, I might be pissed too. (I”€™m the geek who’s still angry, almost 30 years later, about a movie character being shoved into the wrong T-shirt…)

And no, it’s not “€œjust a movie.”€ Our head-shaking disapproval can”€™t change the indisputable fact that most people absorb what little they know about history from pop culture, not classrooms, and have done so for a few generations.

“€œTo their credit, not a few liberal gay men have been trying, for decades, to demythologize the Stonewall “€˜rebellion.”€™”€

We all have libraries literally at our fingertips, but still, the average individual doesn”€™t investigate beyond the end credits of such virulent bullshit carriers as Emmerich’s own unforgivable The Patriot, or Braveheart, or (the sickeningly slanderous) Titanic, or”€”may God have mercy on our souls”€”JFK.

(And don”€™t get me, as a Canadian, started on goddamn Argo…)

Anyway, clearly Emmerich’s gayness hasn”€™t earned him a jot of goodwill from among these #NotMyStonewall faultfinders, who are (of course) calling for a boycott of the film.

I don”€™t understand why he isn”€™t pushing back using the one biological weapon to which these bitchy keyboard warriors have little built-up immunity:

The truth.

As I put it here last year:

Most commenters fail to point this out: the Stonewall was a filthy, Mafia-owned dive bar….

Dear gays: When your Alamo has glory holes instead of bullet holes, that tells the rest of us more than you probably intended about your true motivations and priorities….

[T]o hear some of them talk, the gay rights movement’s proudest accomplishment”€”hence these parades”€™ universal moniker“€”is that they now get to move the party outside once a year, with the blessing of multinational corporations and the state.

But don”€™t take this bitchy old straight right-winger’s word for it. To their credit, not a few liberal gay men have been trying, for decades, to demythologize the Stonewall “€œrebellion.”€

* In no less than The Advocate, back in 1987, Robert Amsel began a long essay on the topic by recalling opening night at yet another play about the “€œuprising.”€ Setting: The Stonewall Inn, New York City. Date and time: 3 a.m., June 28, 1969

When the curtain fell, he said to his friend, “€œWell, at least they got the time right.”€

Amsel quotes the Gay Liberation Front’s John Murphy, who complained as early as 1971 that “€œthe “€˜victory”€™ of Stonewall…was a “€˜dubious”€™ achievement that “€˜perpetuated the cycle of ghettos and insularity that has kept the gay world from confronting the straight world.”€™”€


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