November 11, 2009

A Constitutional Convention:  The Time Has Come

Yesterday morning, I was scheduled for a 40-minute-ish appearance on Sirius/XM’s The Mike Church Show.  Once the conversation began and the calls started to roll in, however, Mike asked me to stay through an hour, and then through two.  You can find the transcript of much of our discussion here, here, and here.

Even as Mike Church, his callers, and I conversed, I received an e-mail from Fox News TV’s The Glenn Beck Program.  Judge Andrew Napolitano was to be the guest host, and he would like for me to join him in a conversation about the ways that the Federal Government trashes the Constitution.  In the event, we also talked about the idea of a constitutional convention.  You can find our exchange, in which we were joined by my Who Killed the Constitution? co-author Tom Woods, here (transcript).  (There’s also video of that TV segment on YouTube.)

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