March 02, 2009

A Dangerous Hate-Monger Amongst Us

Thank God for the Southern Poverty Law Center!  Without the crack investigative reporting of this benevolent outfit, I never would have known that this website’s own Kevin DeAnna is a raving hate monger-and worse yet, heavy metal fan-who’s new group “Youth For Western Civilization,” has been linked to “white nationalism.” As is always the case with the SPLC, their detailed report of Mr. DeAnna and Youth For Western Civilization (Facebook group here) is the result of serious, hard-hitting research like this:

Another Youth for Western Civilization founder, Kevin DeAnna, has posted several times in recent years to the Spartan Spectator, the website of the Michigan State University chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, or MSU-YAF.

In 2007, the Southern Poverty Law Center identified MSU-YAF as a ?hate group? after it organized a “Catch an Illegal Alien Day” game and did some other conservative hijinx. 
“The point is that all Christians, and white Christians in particular, don’t owe any deference to the self-defined racial separatist customs of other people,” DeAnna posted to Spartan Spectator in July 2007.

DeAnna was supporting another Spartan Spectator blogger who attacked the African-American holiday Kwanzaa for being “Satanic,” because it’s “designed to lead black Americans from traditional Christian holidays like Christmas and replace it with paganism.”

As you can see, committed Nazis like DeAnna, can’t even hide their contempt for ethnic nationalist causes and movements. To these Klansmen without robes, black nationalists like Kwanzaa creator Ron Karenga are unfairly regarded as “racial separatist” merely because of their advocacy for racial separation. How unfair!

So again, I extend my thanks to the SPLC.  We all owe them a debt of gratitude. After all, a world where even Korean Jews can be white nationalists is a frightening world indeed.


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