February 03, 2009

A Defense of Benedict

Ever since Benedict XVI lifted the decree excommunicating the four bishops consecrated by the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre without papal approval, the Pope has been subject to unremitting media attack, even though no serious person can believe that Benedict shares or condones the reprehensible views on the Holocaust expressed by one of the four bishops, Richard Williamson.  To make matters worse, far too many of those who should be defending Benedict are either silent or joining in the attacks.  A prime example is the Jesuit publication America, which published on its weblog an anti-papal tirade by left-wing British writer Robert Mickens.  My friend Scott Richert has written an excellent analysis of Mickens’ screed, and of the theological issues raised by the Pope’s actions, which I think many Takimag readers would enjoy.  You may find Scott’s piece here.

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